How to ensure long time service from golf buggy?

If you want to get long time service from golf buggers then you might need to do some specific things which we will discuss here. Click here for motorised golf buggies.

How to get long time service from golfcarts?

For those who remain in possession of their fleet of golf carts, it is essential to sort out any problems that may arise during the off-season, in order to allow your carts to be operational when the course opens. In addition, electric cart owners should ensure that the battery water level is maintained a maximum of two weeks prior to storage and then all vehicles should be fully charged at the time of storage. The batteries must be disconnected, the tires filled to the pressure standards, all fluid levels must be adequate. Vehicles must be stored clean, both inside and outside. Visit this site for motorised golf buggy.


When transporting carts, make sure they are in neutral (also keep them in neutral during storage and prevent them from rolling) and that the tow switch is on. This applies to carts being transported to a maintenance center or to your own storage garage on your property.

Maintenance guide

The maintenance guides received with your vehicles represent a gold mine of information that will allow you to ensure effective maintenance, whatever its frequency. You should designate one or two of your staff to be the specialists in the care and maintenance of the carts, ensuring that your staff keep accurate records and resolve minor issues in a timely manner. When guides are not available, effective communication with your sales and / or service representatives can be effective in keeping a fleet of golf carts in good working order, as well as keeping repair costs as low as possible.