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Well one way Christianity to my way of looking at it is: Charity or Giving. Whether it is nation, church, community, or individual in my opinion Charity or our Giving will inform undeniably not or if we are Christian. When charity is given by a Christian, they do not just do it they do it as though they had been giving to Christ itself. You do unto me; maybe you have heard the sermon have been Christ says you do to the least of them.

My friend is how If we are a Christian Nation, Church, Community, or Personal To check. Can we give as though we are currently giving to Christ himself? Can us. Have you ever a position where you needed to accept faith in action singapore, maybe not only from family or friends but especially from a church or organization. let me, and have Tell you. The things I saw were not in any way given as though they were being given in the majority of cases to Christ. This was uncommon, although I have received as though they gave it himself Charity which was granted, Christian charity. And just 1 example was from a Christian Church, all of the others were that Christianity would condemn as useless of Christ.


Wonder which ones Christ would condemn. When we as Individuals Communities, or how can we give it as a country give so called Christian charity. Can we go through our Cupboards and find of the food that is outdated nobody in our home will consume and provide and we do not need that or do we provide best and the most recent Or do we take our very Best cloths and provide them clean, Folded Ironed or hung on hangers. We would be pleased to wear ourselves or even go out and purchase brand name brand top of the line clothes.

More times than not while I have gone to a charity or church, the things I found were Dirty, Broken, outdated filled with holes, etc. If you were to walk up Into a Christian and asks this a Christian nation the answer without hesitation would be yes. If you walked up to one of the men and women who asked the exact same question you and has received charity within this state might be given a different answer.

But more importantly, When the majority of people of the country go before the judgment seat of the Lord and say seem Lord, examine our Christian state and all of the charity that we have given in your name I do not envision that Those Christians out of this Christian nation will be ready for what the Lord will say to them in reaction.

It is way past time for the people of the country to stop concentrating on convincing the world that we are a country and instead start being a Christian Nation.