Want to share the token of love of your loved ones

Apart from an urn, you can additionally pick ash jewelry or cremation ash keepsake urn in a funeral homes Hong Kong. Ash jewelry is meant to be used as a pendant around the neck or as a locket on a chain. White Lily offers relevant funeral urns, urn monuments, cremation ash jewelry, and associated dedicatory articles in different styles from modern to traditional within your budget in Hong Kong.

They aim to support you find a ‘real’ memory of your loved one in a clear, convenient and customer-oriented way. Because of the partnership between various artists worldwide, they can make different funeral urns to satisfy your specific hopes. Of course, Whit Lily will do their very best to meet your dreams.

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The warehouse has been uniquely designed to be simplistic, practical and user friendly. Their very competitive rates are due to an independent purchasing policy, great material knowledge and care to detail ending in unique, different and ever-increasing products of funeral urns, urn monuments, and memorial jewelry. They additionally work together with the funeral homes Hong Kong and crematories in China.

White Lily will deliver their funeral articles in Ireland, Great Britain, Norway and Denmark. They also deliver their articles to Australia, United States of America, South Africa and New Zealand. Your purchase is subject to extra transportation costs and import charges demanded by your country.

You can select from a variety of materials like metals, brass, bronze, copper, silver, stainless steel, glass, gold, natural stone, synthetics, ceramics, or biodegradable elements.