The quick guide to choose running shoes

Choosing running shoes is an important part of getting into training, but maybe we eat our heads a lot with it. Let’s talk about this important issue. Click here for sneakers online hong kong.

Be honest with yourself

The first thing you have to do is ask yourself: Am I running well? Do I have a refined technique? Do I have the muscles prepared? As I get tired, do I neglect the technique?

If you run well, congratulations, you will be less prone to injury and you can resort to sneakers with little cushioning. Visit this site for sneakers online shop hk.

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Body weight

Shoes have recommended weight ranges based on cushioning and stability. If you weigh 65 kg you can (and should) wear light shoes with less cushioning, but if you weigh 90 kg you will need more padding and you will have to resort to more expensive shoes. Just because a shoe is more expensive doesn’t mean it’s better, just that it has more materials and technologies.


Are you prone to a specific injury?  It is important to determine this because there are sneakers that can mitigate the risk of a certain injury. For example, if you have plantar fasciitis, you should look for models that provide support in the arch area. If you usually have overloads in the soleus and twins, you should avoid stepping on the forefoot while strengthening the muscles with auxiliary exercises and look for shoes with a drop (height difference between heel and forefoot) rather high (10 or 12 mm). For ankle or knee sprain problems, the stability of the shoe must prevail.