Do You Need Background Music for Presentation Videos?

We always prefer to have a good selection of background music for presentation videos, especially when I’m doing slideshow presentations. Having a free music library to go to and download some pleasant instrumental music makes my video production much easier.

A pleasant instrumental piece in the background just makes for a more professional video, in my opinion.

Background Music For Videos

What Type of Music Files Should You Use?

It truly depends on the sort of video presentation you’re creating. In case you’re doing a truly short video, less than two minutes for instance, you can download some eminence free music clips that are just a couple of moments each, splice them together and change the music each couple of slides.

Or then again you can download longer music files and alter them to your favored length.

What Style or Genre Music is Best?

Again, it depends on the sort of video you’re creating. Here are a few examples:

We did several videos about funerals and remembrance services, so I found two or three Easy Listening background music selections for those. I did not need the music to be so slow and droning that it would make individuals cry, yet I did not need it to be truly playful or cheerful either.

At the point when we created my slideshow videos about weddings, I used pieces that were playful yet not entertaining sort clips in

How to Know What is Best?

The best thing to do is explore. In case you’re using software like Windows Live Movie Maker or a same, add your slides and background music to the program and see how the material and music fit together.

Sometimes you may require a few unique clips depending on the length and subject of your presentations.

Here’s a tip: Watch some commercials or videos on YouTube that use background music to get a thought of how the music makes the presentation better. Once you have a vibe for how to use music to upgrade your videos, you should have the option to find something that fits consummately with your video.

When to Use Background Music for Presentation Videos

Personally, I seldom put music to instructional videos, as in case I’m doing a screen cast tutorial. And I infrequently add music to videos where it is just me on the camera talking about a subject.

PowerPoint slideshow videos are the best types of presentations to add instrumental background music to. And you should stay away from pieces that include vocals because voices singing in the background may interfere or disrupt the video itself.

In any case, unadulterated instrumentals improve your presentations and give them a more professional quality.

Be Careful With Background Music Volume

In case you’re using voice narration, or voiceovers, in your presentation, you do not need the music to overwhelm the vocals. You can use tools like Audacity to bring down the volume of the instrumentals so they’re behind the vocal narration and not drowning it out.