Instructions to Polish a Concrete Floor

Polished concrete flooring is exceptionally well known in homes and companies today as a result of its versatile characteristics. You can get the exquisite look of a marble flooring however for a portion of the cost. Polished concrete flooring is also sturdy, durable, reduces allergens and reflects light making it eco-accommodating. It is also functional as you are just using materials which are now present so there’s no compelling reason to purchase further flooring supplies. Polishing a concrete floor at home or in an office can change over your boring dim floors into gorgeous, shining floors to be pleased with.

Concrete Flooring

This guide will clarify the strategy of how you polish concrete. It is not the easiest DIY work in the world and it is also genuinely messy, however on the off chance that you take as much time as necessary you will get a decent result.

1) Visit your neighborhood equipment rental store and lease an upstanding, stroll behind processor. Concrete grinders generally come in two variations, wet and dry. An evaporate processor sucks the dust like a vacuum cleaner as you work and keeps the air clean. The wet processor uses water to control dust however makes the work significantly messier as you will have more cleaning to do whenever you’re finished.

2) Purchase a set of precious stone abrasive disks to use with the processor. The disks are numbered with higher numbers corresponding to a better abrasive. You will start out with a coarse abrasive and slowly work your way up the finest coarseness disk to give the floor to incredible polished finish.

3) At all times ensure you wear your safety gear. Goggles, ear defenders and a dust mask are essential as the work can make a ton of dust which is unsafe is ingested.

4) The first stage of the process is to use coarse precious stone coarseness disk to eliminate any existing floor coatings and set up the surface for the later stages. At this stage you should also prepare the floor by filling any cracks or making any repairs that should be finished.

5) Begin grinding the mai san be tong by starting from one corner, slowly working your way across the whole surface. Start with a 30 coarseness metal-fortified abrasive and proceed with 80 metal-reinforced coarseness. Finish the grinding process with 150 metal-reinforced coarseness.

6) Once you have equally ground the whole floor using the 150 metal-fortified disk, apply a substance concrete hardener to the floor. This will assist you with accomplishing a serious shine finish to the floor.

7) Once the compound hardener has set you should change disks on the processor to use the better coarseness resin-fortified disks. Polish the concrete floor starting with the 100 resin-reinforced coarseness disk, proceeding with the process using 400 resin-fortified coarseness then 800 resin-fortified coarseness, until you get the desired shine.