Sustainable fashion Is the new trend

tailor made denim hong kong

Every year tonnes of waste is created alone by the fashion and garment industry. 10% of total global carbon emissions occur through the garment industries and factories. Not only this, 20% of wastewater, which is chemically loaded and unfit for consumption, is a gift to the fashion industry. Is fashion so cruel? Well, a luxury misused is a resource wasted. Fashion is a curse in disguise; everyone is so occupied with using trendy clothes in the market at cheap rates that we fail to understand that it is being produced at the cost of mother Earth, a resource that, once polluted, will take millions of years to get restored.

What next?

The solution to the problem cannot be to unfollow fast-moving fashion but to change the landscape. tailor made denim hong kong can be the best solution to tackle the fashion industry problem; here, denim is completely customized to suit the needs and demands of the consumer. It is ensured that while customer satisfaction is addressed, proper waste disposal mechanisms are also followed. It is ensured that no bulk production of denim is done. This controls apparel wastage.

Is there any company that ensures sustainability and fashion hand in hand?

The order is chosen from the design library available to the customers. hong kong sustainable custom clothing is the future of the garment industry because it helps keep track of the manufacturing process, ensures green fashion, and proper waste disposal mechanism to eliminate the evils of the fashion industry and keep our mother earth lively mirthful for the generations to come.